Buy or Lease a Lynx



Whether you are interested in starting your own spaceline to provide missions for a variety of customers, to add the Lynx spacecraft to your existing fleet, or you are aiming to perform research and payload missions in suborbital space, XCOR Aerospace has the vehicles and services you need to get you into space.

The XCOR Lynx Mark II spacecraft is available for private use on sale or on a wet lease basis with the Lynx flown and maintained by an XCOR Crew (US citizens).

XCOR offers a full wet lease contract and a fractional wet lease contract.

Full wet lease: A party that engages into a multiyear wet lease contract with XCOR. The number and character of missions to be produced are determined by the lessee and a customized program is created.

Fractional wet lease: A party that engages itself into a time limited wet lease contract with XCOR. Partial wet leases start with less than one year commitments.

Spaceport requirements
It is required for the wet lease customer to operate from a spaceport that satisfies the FAA requirements as well as those of XCOR for its operational and maintenance needs including security. This assumes a national regulatory regime that legalizes commercial space flights as performed by XCOR. As an example, in the US both Mojave, California and Midland, Texas being the XCOR home locations are qualified Spaceports for Lynx operations and soon others like spaceport Florida and the island of Curacao in the Caribbean will follow.

Geographical Exclusivity
XCOR will discuss geographical exclusivity for a specific area or location for up to a 10 year period.

Spaceports outside the US
The market for users of the XCOR Lynx are truly global and a number of potential users and potential spaceports are in the works across almost all of the continents.

Relations with interested wet lease operators are maintained by our Strategic Advisor, Ben Droste, Lieut-Gen ret.

Ben Droste, Lieut-Gen ret.

Ben Droste has flown over 4,000 hours, mainly in in single seat fighter aircraft. He retired as Commander in Chief of the Royal Netherlands Air Force in 2000. Follow on functions include Chairman of the Netherlands Agency for Aerospace Programs, Dean and Professor of the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering of the  Delft University of Technology in Delft. In 2008 he was cofounder of Space Expedition Corporation (SXC), incorporated into XCOR in 2014.

For any questions or for more information about wet leases, please contact Mr. Ben Droste at